Top 3 Names you SHOULDN’T Call your Wife

There are several things in life that drive me crazy, but one of the worst is the names that some men call their wives.  I believe how we refer to others when we mention them, speaks volumes as to how we view or value them.  And men, this is no more important than when referring to your wife.  If you can’t even talk about your wife without using a passive aggressive name for her, then I would imagine you are having other issues in your marriage.

Without further ado, here are the top 3 that I really despise and my reasons why.


When I hear a guy call their wife “the boss” I keep a smile on my face, but my soul cringes.  It has so many negative connotations if you stop and think about it.  Is it true?  Is your wife “the boss” of your relationship?  That concept in-and-of itself is so wrong.  If your relationship can be described like that of the relationship between superior and subordinate, that my friend is not healthy.  Your relationship should look like a partnership.  This is exactly the reason that God gave Eve to Adam.

God saw that Adam needed someone to work alongside and compliment him.  Not someone to tell him whether or not he can go get wings with his buddies on a Friday night.  You need guy time and she needs girl time.  Just sit down and talk about it and work something out that makes sure you both get what you need.  In my situation I work outside the home and my wife works at home as a mommy to our 5 small children.  So if you are like me your wife may need a little more adult time than you.


Just stop it.  I would really like to go back in time and slap the first guy that ever called his wife this.  It really just doesn’t make any sense.  Even if your wife was much older than you, do you think she would appreciate being called “old lady”?  OF COURSE SHE WOULDN’T!

Your wife longs to be desired by you; for you to relish in her beauty.  If you refer to her as an elderly woman that is not the message you are sending.  I mean seriously guys, if this is something you say on a regular basis, just use some common sense and stop it.


Now I do realize this one is a little bit older and doesn’t get thrown around very often anymore, but it is one of the most well-known.  This one conveys one message and one message only.  By being married you are forever shackled against your will to one woman and you will be miserable.  I really hope that isn’t how any of you view your wife.

Marriage should unlock a freedom that can’t be found in any other relationship.  You should have a new level of comfort that allows you to go for your dreams with someone who always has your back.

So now what?  It’s a pretty simple answer.  If you call your wife any of these names, or anything else stupid, JUST STOP IT!  That’s it.  When you talk about your wife you could, oh I don’t know, call her by her name, or even something crazy like “my wife”.  Show the people, and especially the men, around you that you value and love your wife.

What about you?  What are your top three?  Did I leave any good ones off this list?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, and as always, keep trying to live as a Misfit Man everyday.

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