Top 3 Pet Peeves Most Dad’s Do

We all have our weird quirks and annoying habits. If you have a spouse you could probably name rather quickly three or four things that are at the very least slightly irritating. Sometimes our weird quirks are the best things about us and what helps make us unlike anyone else. There may even be

Are You Righteous, or a Sinner?

I've read the four gospels a number of times, and each time through I feel like I see something new. This most recent trip through the life of Jesus, a theme has struck me. This theme is the righteous versus the sinner. I'm not speaking of

You Play Ball Like a GIRL!

The Sandlot is one of the most famous movies of all time. I don't need to describe any of the plot since 99% of people have probably seen it. On the off chance you are one of the few who haven't seen it, please go watch it immediately after reading this post. Seriously, it's a classic. One of the most classic lines in the movie...

How to Make Your Wife Submit.

What more could a man dream of in his marriage than a submissive wife?  Someone to fulfill his every need and agree with everything he says.  A wife who would never question his decisions or challenge his actions.  Ahhh, the indescribable bliss of the perfectly submissive wife.  Why else would Paul write in Ephesians 5:22... Continue Reading →

Don’t make me angry. I won’t like me.

As many of you know, Bruce Banner transforms in to The Incredible Hulk™ whenever he gets too angry.  Or if you've seen the first Avengers™ movie one of your favorite Mark Ruffalo lines might be, "That's my secret Cap.  I'm always angry."  That clip gives me goosebumps every time.  Banner unleashes the raw power and... Continue Reading →

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